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Chunxia SHAO
Department of Politcal Science and Public Administration
Research Interests: Civil Society, Contempary Chinese Politics, Mass Media and Politcs

6/2007~present, associate professor, Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Tong Ji University, teaching courses of “Political Science”,“Mass Media and Politics” “Comparative Political Systems” for undergraduates and “Contemporary Western Political Systems” for graduates;

8/2005~6/2007, Lecturer, Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Tong Ji University, teaching courses of “Mass Media and Politics”, “Comparative Political Systems” for undergraduates;

7/2002~7/2005, Post-doctoral researcher, Journalism School in Fudan University;

7/1995-7/1997, Assistant professor in School of Public Affairs and Management, Soochow University, China, teaching “Public Policy” and “Political Science” for undergraduates.

8/2006, visiting trip in the U.S.A , the International Visitors Programe;
8/2003, visiting trip in Lyon, France, French Cultural Communication Program for Humanities and Social Sciences;

4/2008, Workshop of “Transformation of Chinese Politics”, in Department of Comparative Politics, Bergen University, Norway, Presentation topic: “Toward a Multi-Actor Collaborative Mobilization System?”

3/2002, Workshop “Transformation of Chinese Communist Party in 21st Century”, Nordic Center, Fudan University; Presentation topic: “The Continuity and Changes in Campaigning Politics: The Transformation of CCP’s Governing Style”.

Book Charpters:
2007, "Political Campaign: Revolutionary Integration in China", in Wang, Bangzuo, The Party and Social Integration: Social Integration in Communist China, Shanghai People’s Press, ISBN 978-7-208-07066-0;

2000, Co-author, with Wang, Bangzuo, An Ecological Analysis of Chinese Party System, Shanghai People’s Press;

2000, Co-author, with Qiu, Xiao, On State Control, Soochow University Press;

1998, Co-author, with Yang, Jianrong, Wu Li Qiao—A Developing Urban Community in Shanghai, Xuelin Press.

2004, co-translator, With Bo Peng,
Christopher Hood, The art of State, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1998. (Chinese edition was published by Shanghai People’s Press in Feb. 2004)

9/2009, “Political logic of Societal Transformation in Reforming China”, Zhejiang Social Sciences, No. 157, 2009, co-author;

12/2008, “Thirty Years of Politcal Science in China”, Exploration and Free ViewsúČNo.230 ,2008, co-authorú╗

6/2007, “Whose Public Sphere?----Perplexity and Revision of the Concept”úČin Jounalist UniversityúČNo. 92, 2007.Summer;

6/2007,“The Right to Know: Legitimacy Resources of Harmonious Society”, in Political Science and LawúČ2007.3;

5/2007, “Review of Studies on China’s State-Media Relations”úČin Study and ExplorationúČNo. 170, 2007.3;

2/2007, “Collaboration in Service Oriented Policies: An example of City Security Policy”úČin Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong UniversityúČNo. 53, Vol.15, 2007.1;

“Extension of the Concept of Public Sphere”,in Jounal of NanTong UniversityúČVol. 22, No.5;

5/2006, “Appearing of Partial Public Sphere in China: A Study on Critical Peporting of Newspapers”, in Jounal of ZheJiang Provincial Party School, No. 109, 2006.3.;

7/2005, “Entironment of News Process: The Interaction among Political Control, Marketization and News Professionalsim”, Social Sciences, No.299, Vol. 7, Jul. 2005;

10/2000, “The Optimization of inter-party relations in China”, Politics and Law, No. 108, Vol. 4, Oct. 2000;

5/2000, “Liberty Under the Rule of Law—On Hayek’s Libralism”, Academic Monthly, No. 372, Vol. 5, May, 2000;

8/2000, “On the Duality and History of State”, co-author, Socialism Study, No. 132, Vol.4, Aug. 2000;

2/1999, “Rationality and Political Practice”, Theoretical Collection, Vol. 1, Feb. 1999;

2/1998, “On the Moderation of State Control”, Academic Journal of Suzhou University, Vol. 2, Feb. 1998;

4/1997, “The Optimization of State Control in the New Era”, Political Science and Law, No. 92, Vol. 2, Apr. 1997;

5/1996, “On Centralization and Decentralization”, Study and Exploration, Vol. 5, Sep. 1996.

Research Papers:
“Collaboration of Social Mobilization: Transformation of Mobilizing System in China”, 2008;

“Interests Ensuring and Coordinating: The Growing Group of Private Enterprisers”, 2008;

“Taking advantages of News Control: Variation of Publicity Restriction at Local levels in China”, 2007;

“Survey on Intellectuals Beyond Work-Unit System in Shanghai”, 8/2002;

Minjian (non-state) Society or Civil Society?—The Development of Chinese Society after 1949”, 1/2001;

“The Interaction between State and Society—The Political development and Social Protests in Korea”, 4/1999;

Mphil. Dissertation at Jilin University, Jan., 1995, “On Central-local relations in Contemporary China”;

PhD. Dissertation at Fudan University, Nov.,2000. “Campaigns for Revolutionary Control: A Study of Chinese Politics before Reform”;

Post-doctoral paper at Fudan University, Jun, 2005 . ”Developing of A Partial Public Sphere: A Study on The Relation of Party-State And Media in China”.
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