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Chunxia SHAO
Asssociate Professor
Department of Politcal Science and Public Administration
Research Interests: Civil Society, Contempary Chinese Politics, Mass Media and Politcs

6/2007~present, associate professor, Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Tong Ji University, teaching courses of ¡°Political Science¡±,¡°Mass Media and Politics¡± ¡°Comparative Political Systems¡± for undergraduates and ¡°Contemporary Western Political Systems¡± for graduates;

8/2005~6/2007, Lecturer, Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Tong Ji University, teaching courses of ¡°Mass Media and Politics¡±, ¡°Comparative Political Systems¡± for undergraduates;

7/2002~7/2005, Post-doctoral researcher, Journalism School in Fudan University;

7/1995-7/1997, Assistant professor in School of Public Affairs and Management, Soochow University, China, teaching ¡°Public Policy¡± and ¡°Political Science¡± for undergraduates.

8/2006, visiting trip in the U.S.A , the International Visitors Programe;
8/2003, visiting trip in Lyon, France, French Cultural Communication Program for Humanities and Social Sciences;

4/2008, Workshop of ¡°Transformation of Chinese Politics¡±, in Department of Comparative Politics, Bergen University, Norway, Presentation topic: ¡°Toward a Multi-Actor Collaborative Mobilization System?¡±

3/2002, Workshop ¡°Transformation of Chinese Communist Party in 21st Century¡±, Nordic Center, Fudan University; Presentation topic: ¡°The Continuity and Changes in Campaigning Politics: The Transformation of CCP¡¯s Governing Style¡±.

Book Charpters:
2007, "Political Campaign: Revolutionary Integration in China", in Wang, Bangzuo, The Party and Social Integration: Social Integration in Communist China, Shanghai People¡¯s Press, ISBN 978-7-208-07066-0;

2000, Co-author, with Wang, Bangzuo, An Ecological Analysis of Chinese Party System, Shanghai People¡¯s Press;

2000, Co-author, with Qiu, Xiao, On State Control, Soochow University Press;

1998, Co-author, with Yang, Jianrong, Wu Li Qiao¡ªA Developing Urban Community in Shanghai, Xuelin Press.

2004, co-translator, With Bo Peng,
Christopher Hood, The art of State, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1998. (Chinese edition was published by Shanghai People¡¯s Press in Feb. 2004)

9/2009, ¡°Political logic of Societal Transformation in Reforming China¡±, Zhejiang Social Sciences, No. 157, 2009, co-author;

12/2008, ¡°Thirty Years of Politcal Science in China¡±, Exploration and Free Views£¬No.230 ,2008, co-author£»

6/2007, ¡°Whose Public Sphere?----Perplexity and Revision of the Concept¡±£¬in Jounalist University£¬No. 92, 2007.Summer;

6/2007,¡°The Right to Know: Legitimacy Resources of Harmonious Society¡±, in Political Science and Law£¬2007.3;

5/2007, ¡°Review of Studies on China¡¯s State-Media Relations¡±£¬in Study and Exploration£¬No. 170, 2007.3;

2/2007, ¡°Collaboration in Service Oriented Policies: An example of City Security Policy¡±£¬in Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University£¬No. 53, Vol.15, 2007.1;

¡°Extension of the Concept of Public Sphere¡±,in Jounal of NanTong University£¬Vol. 22, No.5;

5/2006, ¡°Appearing of Partial Public Sphere in China: A Study on Critical Peporting of Newspapers¡±, in Jounal of ZheJiang Provincial Party School, No. 109, 2006.3.;

7/2005, ¡°Entironment of News Process: The Interaction among Political Control, Marketization and News Professionalsim¡±, Social Sciences, No.299, Vol. 7, Jul. 2005;

10/2000, ¡°The Optimization of inter-party relations in China¡±, Politics and Law, No. 108, Vol. 4, Oct. 2000;

5/2000, ¡°Liberty Under the Rule of Law¡ªOn Hayek¡¯s Libralism¡±, Academic Monthly, No. 372, Vol. 5, May, 2000;

8/2000, ¡°On the Duality and History of State¡±, co-author, Socialism Study, No. 132, Vol.4, Aug. 2000;

2/1999, ¡°Rationality and Political Practice¡±, Theoretical Collection, Vol. 1, Feb. 1999;

2/1998, ¡°On the Moderation of State Control¡±, Academic Journal of Suzhou University, Vol. 2, Feb. 1998;

4/1997, ¡°The Optimization of State Control in the New Era¡±, Political Science and Law, No. 92, Vol. 2, Apr. 1997;

5/1996, ¡°On Centralization and Decentralization¡±, Study and Exploration, Vol. 5, Sep. 1996.

Research Papers:
¡°Collaboration of Social Mobilization: Transformation of Mobilizing System in China¡±, 2008;

¡°Interests Ensuring and Coordinating: The Growing Group of Private Enterprisers¡±, 2008;

¡°Taking advantages of News Control: Variation of Publicity Restriction at Local levels in China¡±, 2007;

¡°Survey on Intellectuals Beyond Work-Unit System in Shanghai¡±, 8/2002;

¡°Minjian (non-state) Society or Civil Society?¡ªThe Development of Chinese Society after 1949¡±, 1/2001;

¡°The Interaction between State and Society¡ªThe Political development and Social Protests in Korea¡±, 4/1999;

Mphil. Dissertation at Jilin University, Jan., 1995, ¡°On Central-local relations in Contemporary China¡±;

PhD. Dissertation at Fudan University, Nov.,2000. ¡°Campaigns for Revolutionary Control: A Study of Chinese Politics before Reform¡±;

Post-doctoral paper at Fudan University, Jun, 2005 . ¡±Developing of A Partial Public Sphere: A Study on The Relation of Party-State And Media in China¡±.
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